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Commodities Guide

Exempted Commodities

Exemption covers the following commodities and items:
  1. The commodities exempted in the Unified Customs Tariff of the GCC Member States.
  2. The commodities imported for the diplomatic and consular bodies and the international organizations, the heads and members of the diplomatic and consular missions approved by the country according to the international agreements, laws and practices in force subject to the reciprocity principle and subject to the provisions of Article (100) concerning the conditions and procedures relating to the goods exempted under Article (99) of this Law. 
  3. Imports by all sectors of the Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces such as ammunition, arms etc.
  4. The personal effects and used household appliances belonging to the citizens residing abroad or those brought with the foreigners (expatriates) upon their first arrival for residence in the country according to the conditions prescribed by the director general. 
  5. Personal effects and gifts brought by passengers according to the conditions of the Rules of Implementation. 
  6. Imports of the philanthropic societies (Charities) according to the conditions set forth in the Rules of Implementation of this Law. 
  7. The cases provided for in Article (105) exempted from the customs taxes “duties” such as the returned goods of national origin that were exported to outside of the country as well as the foreign goods returned to the country which are proved to have been previously reexported to outside of the country and the goods temporarily exported for completion of processing or repair.

Restricted Commodities

Goods whose import is restricted
HS Code
Controlling Entity
Entity Website
Predatory animals
From Clause 0106
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
From Clause 0106.3990
Weapons and ammunition
of all kinds
Chapter 93 wholly
Ministry of the Interior
Alcoholic drinks
From Chapter 22
Ministry of the Interior
Medicament including narcotic drugs used for medical purposes
From Clauses 3003, 3004
Health Authority
Organic and
chemical fertilizers
Chapter 31
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Agricultural reformers
From Clauses 2813 , 2824 , 3808
2125, 085, 0326, 1127
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Agricultural saplings
From Clauses 0602,06,01
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Agricultural seeds
From Clauses
09, 091207, 1206
12, 05, 1204, 12, 09
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Telecommunication devices, Repeaters, Jammers, network detectors and cell phones.
From Clauses 82,25 85,17
and other clauses
Communication Regulation Authority
Bees and queen bees
From Clauses 0106,9010
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Animals of the horse family
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Gas used in
conditioning, refrigerating and freezing devices
From Clauses 29,03 3824,7,1
Environment Research Authority
Fireworks and explosives
From Chapter 36
Ministry of the Interior
Chemical and radioactive
materials of all forms
From Chapters 28,29
Environment Research Authority
From Clause 1910, 0106
Live animals
From Clauses 29,03-3824,71
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Live fish 
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Incubation eggs
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Animal Semen
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Veterinary vaccines and serums 
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
and Health
Diagnostic materials and equipment and veterinary requirement
From Chapter 30
From Chapter 90
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Animal products of all kinds 
.((such as leather, wool, etc
Multiple Clauses
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Oil residues, plastic wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, chemical industry wastes, battery leftovers, reserves and other leftovers which affect the environment.
3006, 80
38, 25
8548 and other clauses
Environment Research Authority
Water heaters
851610 ,8419
Environment Research Authority
Cigarettes classified as tobacco and prepared by mechanical methods
Environment Research Authority

Prohibited Commodities

Goods whose Import is prohibited
HS Code
Controlling Entity
Entity Website
Hashish, opium, heroin, Morphine, cocaine
Poppy and husks and seeds thereof,
Qat, cannabis and other seeds
of a similar effect  
2913, 10+ other Articles of Chapter 29 
Ministry of the Interior
goods for which a boycott resolution was issued from Israel Boycott Office and that bear flags and slogans of Israel 
Not Specified
Ministry of Economy
and Trade
Counterfeit and imitated money
Central Bank
Prints, photographs, oil paintings, drawings, cards, books, magazines and stone sculptures which conflict with the Islamic religion and rules of conduct and involve a corruption or seduction end
From Chapter 49
From clauses 6818- 9703 
Ministry of Information
Abu Dhabi Information Center
 Tel.: 009712446614
Fax: 00972445250
Raw ivory (elephant tusk) and rhinoceros horn
From Clause 0507
Environment Research Authority
Fishing nets that is made of three nylon layers
From Clause 5608
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
Hawks shall be banned as from 1-4 till 31 August except: Hawks having CITES permits, holding passports and coming for treatment after securing a permit from the Environment Research Authority
From Clause 0106.31
Presidential Decree
Gambling tools and machines
From Clause 9504
Ministry of the Interior
Children sweets imported in form of cigarettes
The Municipality
Ozone depleting substances
From Chapters 29, 28
Environment Research Authority
Materials contaminated with radiation
Boards and pipes made of Asbestos
Ministry of Health
Laser pens which produce red beams
Ministry of the Interior
Hazardous waste
Multiple Clauses
Environment Research Authority
Goods whose export is prohibited
HS Code
Controlling Entity
Entity Website
From Chapter 3
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
From Clause 0104
Ministry of Aquatic Environment
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