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Travellers Guide

Temporary entry of vehicles

Foreign tourist vehicle (other than vehicles registered with one of the GCC countries) shall be granted a temporary admission license as follows:  

1.     A term of six months for the vehicles guaranteed by an international traffic license.
2.     Three months for vehicles not guaranteed with an international traffic license, and such period shall be renewable to a similar period if the party concerned renders bank guarantees or cash security deposit equivalent to the value of taxes (customs duties) payable on the vehicle.

Disclosure of cash

• Bringing and taking funds out of the UAE is not prohibited, yet the actual and real reason behind declaring such amounts is to know details of persons bringing cash amounts into the country in order to benefit from such information.

• Traveler shall go to the customs officer and request the declaration form if he has a cash or traveler check of a value exceeding AED 100.000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies.

• The abovementioned limit applies only to persons of or over 18 years of age, while amounts possessed by persons under 18 years shall be added to their guardian.  

• Financial companies and institutions shall declare on any check or amount regardless of its value and even if it is sent through freight and parcels.

• Non-declaration to the Customs on any such amounts will make you liable to legal responsibility.

• We advice to transfer money through banks and credit cards



Arrival and Departure

When arriving in Abu Dhabi, your baggage will be scanned by Customs officials. Once you have passed through passport control, you will be able to collect your baggage. You will then proceed through Customs control where Customs may search your baggage for any prohibited & restricted goods.
1. Documents required for passport control
§     Passport
§     Visa (some countries do not apply)
2. Duty free allowances
Travelers are allowed to bring in any goods not listed in the Prohibited & Restricted Items List duty free with the exception of:
§  More than 2 bottles of spirits or other alcoholic beverages
§  More than 400 cigarettes (or the equivalent with a value of more than 3,000dhs)
§  More than 40,000 dhs in currency
3. Baggage Search:
The baggage of any traveler may be searched by:
§     Customs officers
§     Other certified officers from other controlling authorities or agencies
§     The police
4. Tips for travelers
§  Pack your own baggage
§  Make sure that you are aware of the contents of your luggage and ensure that no-one has been able to tamper with it. You will be held personally liable for any contraband or illicit goods found on your person or in your luggage
§  Co-operate with Customs officers
§  Be aware of all required documents and procedures when arriving to Abu Dhabi
§  Carry goods for other people
§  Carry any flammables or explosives
§  Carry any prohibited or restricted goods without having obtained the necessary approvals
§  Provide false or misleading information to Customs
5. Tourist Vehicles
When exiting the country please ensure that you have:
§  Documentation showing the registration of the car, a valid driver’s license as well as the a valid Passport for the driver
§  That you declare all contents inside the vehicle and that you answer all the Customs officials questions
§  Follow the direction signs at the Customs post
When entering the country please ensure:
§  That you have all the above documents ready to present to Customs officials
§  That you have appropriate insurance on the vehicle
§  That you declare the contents inside the vehicles including any foreign currency, and any goods whether commercial or personal
§  That you follow the direction signs at the Customs post
§  That you obtain the exit clearance documentation for the vehicle and the occupants from the Customs post

Departing tips

New security procedures 

Q & A  

Q 1:      What is the nature of the new procedures?
The new procedures impose restrictions on carrying liquid, gelatinous and compressed materials (Aerosol) onboard all flights departing from Abu Dhabi Airport. The new procedures require the following:
A.    All liquid, gelatinous and compressed materials (Aerosol) shall be placed in containers of a capacity not exceeding 100mm. Liquid and gelatinous materials and compressed liquids (Aerosol) may not be transferred in containers with capacities exceeding 100mm even if any such container is partially filled.
B.    Containers filled with liquid and gelatinous materials and compressed liquids (Aerosol) shall be placed in a transparent, closable, plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding one litre.   The bag must be wide enough to easily take the containers and must be tightly closed.
C.    Each passenger may carry only one bag of the said type.
D.    Passengers shall separately present the transparent bag for security check.
Drugs, baby food and diet foods in a liquid, gelatinous or compressed form shall be exempted from such restrictions. However, these materials shall be scanned again at security checkpoints.
Passengers may purchase liquid and gelatinous substances and compressed liquids (Aerosol) such as alcoholic drinks and perfumes from the airport, provided that such substances shall be placed in tightly closed bags provided by stores from which such substances were purchased, and further provided that the purchase invoice is evidently placed inside the closed bags.
Q 2:      What is the purpose of applying the new security procedures?
Theses procedures are applied in pursuance of a recommendation from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which was issued after the terrorist act in the United Kingdom in August 2006.
Though no threats are currently posed to the civil aviation in the State of the United Arab Emirates, the incident of the UK indicates that international terrorism continues to be a real and constant danger. No doubt the UAE supports such recommendation because its application enhances safety and security of airports and passengers.
Q 3:      Do the new procedures apply to flights arriving and departing equally?
What are the State airports to which such procedures shall apply?
The new procedures apply only to flights departing from all airports of the State.
Q 4:      When the new procedures will apply?
The new procedures shall apply as from Saturday, June 30, 2007. 
Q 5:      How long will the new procedures remain applicable?
Shall remain applicable as long there is a need for its application.
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